add 20 yards to your drives or your money back!
Welcome to the Golf Fitness Pro Challenge
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When you sign up for the Golf Fitness Pro Challenge you get ALL of our Workouts, Mobility, Drills and more via the incredible new GOLFWOD APP! We know it is hard to be consistent on the course and even more so with your Training, We've been there: Long straight drives down the fairway one day, off the premises slices the next... Start Running, Start a new group class, still fall off every time...

But what is your workouts were fun, engaging and added distance and consistency to your game? THAT IS WHAT WE DO!

No more wasted workouts, no more wasted time, when you commit with GOLFWOD we guarantee Progress and Performance so when you decide to take on the challenge you know your efforts will be rewarded!

What is the golf fitness pro challenge?

1: Sign Up to the Challenge & Lifetime App Membership

2: Get the BEST Workouts for Your Game (The App will guide you!)

3: Start training like the best as you make serious gains in the gym and on the course!

4: Track Your Progress with your Golf Fitness Handicap in the APP (This is so cool!)

5: Get Your Handicap all the way down and become a Golf Fitness Pro

6: Re-test with your driver and see those 20+ YARD GAINS in as little as 30 DAYS!

If not, we will refund your membership*! Thats how confident we are at GOLFWOD and we can't wait to prove it to you!

*T&C's Apply.


I did the Swing Builder Get Fast program and saw a difference almost immediately. My movement was so much better everything got easier!

Chris, USA

I've enjoyed the workouts since day 1. I like the daily workouts and can easily switch to the low equipment option if needed. it works!

Anna, Sweden

I did the Golf Fitness Pro Challenge and i'm never going back. I gained 28 yards in 6 weeks of training and loved the process. Now I can't wait to keep getting better!

Glenn, UK
Lifetime APP Membership - GOLFWOD

Lifetime APP Membership

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The New GOLFWOD APP is here!!

Why get your hands on it here?

You get the #1 Golf Fitness and Performance platform directly to your device with no subscriptions, no hassle and, when you go Lifetime, with a pretty awesome discount!

As golfers, we know fitness isn't always our thing... Lifting weights will make me too big and tight... Look at John Daly... Why do golfers even need to train?!

Well imagine what it would be like to drastically improve your health and fitness so you feel and look the way you want AND by doing so, you also added 20 yards to your drives, never got tired on the back 9 and started shooting your lowest scores ever?!

Those are just some of the reasons you need to stop doubting yourself, stop making excuses and allow the GOLFWOD APP to make you the golfer you always could have been!

By choosing our workouts, your unlocking the secret to better golf, for longer and improving your health and lifestyle too! Who wouldn't make that choice?!

The Strongest Movement in Golf awaits you, LFG.

Our passion is helping golfers worldwide commit to the best version of themselves on and off the course.

Thats you and we want you to be better than ever... Time to commit!

About the New APP:

  • The best workouts in Golf! You get ALL of our workouts and all the workouts down the line too - no extra fees!

  • Your Golf Fitness Handicap to track your progress and Train Like You Play!

  • A growing resource of Warm Ups, Mobility and Accessory work.
  • New Train feature with RangeWOD challenges, Drills and more for your Game.
  • Global Community of Golfers putting in work!
  • Coaching library and Movement demos.
  • Direct Coaching portal for 1-on-1 work available.
  • The user experience we have worked for since day 1!

How this works:

  • Complete your purchase but don't yet download the app.
  • The GOLFWOD Team will directly create your account and email your login details as quickly as possible and always within 8 hours.
  • Login, get your Handicap and get to work on chasing those Golf Gains!

You are purchasing a digital download and your membership will become active when we have completed the onboarding process at which time you will gain access to all of the above. 

When purchasing and using this product, you are accepting the GOLFWOD terms and conditions of use. Please refer to them for details or contact us directly.


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Can You really Gain 20 Yards in 30 days?

Absolutely and we can't wait to show you how!

Terms & Conditions

The Golf Fitness Pro Challenge is bound to all of GOLFWOD's Terms of use and the following additional terms and conditions:

Clear data must be presented at the start of the challenge to show current driver distance in a standardised setting. Re-testing must occur in the same standardised setting both of which must show time stamps and dates for accuracy.

The challenge cannot be completed in under 30 days due to the nature of our workouts, the App and the Golf Fitness Handicap. Any period of time less than this will be classed as misuse of the product and invalidate your challenge entry.

A refund will only issued if the above terms are met, the account holders handicap is 'PRO' and the standardised testing is deemed acceptable by the GOLFWOD Team with in the timeframe stated.

We truly believe that you can not only gain 20 yards, but significantly surpass that target as well as improving your health, fitness and more along the way. The challenge rules must be stated clearly and are as such very clear. But please be aware the GOLFWOD Team is here to help every step of the way and our ultimate goal is to help you make the kind of progress you have always wanted! So yeah, it is time to take the Golf Fitness Pro Challenge!