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The GOLFWOD App is designed by PGA Pro's and Fitness Specialists to deliver a year round, golf fitness and performance experience guaranteed to improve your game!

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Because GOLFWOD is for EVERY Golfer! Every type of workout with the best user experience in the game and guaranteed Golf Gains!
Stretching? Drills?

With the GOLFWOD App you get far more than just the best workouts for your game!

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We absolutely believe in what we do and know that we can help you make real progress on and off the course, FAST! Join our worldwide community to push yourself alongside countless golfers everywhere and together, we can Change The Game!

What our Members are Saying:

I've added 20 yards to my drives in 6 weeks and feel better than ever, no more low back pain. Would recommend to anyone!

Tim, Sydney

Having tried so many other programs, I wasn't sure if this was for me but I've been blown away by the results. I get the intensity in the gym but also feel the transfer to the course. I actually enjoy training now and to add distance too is pretty awesome!

Justin, USA

Having a Handicap in the Gym that I know is helping my game helps me to be consistent with my training. Have so much more energy on the course too - member for life!

Jack, USA

I've been doing GOLFWOD since the start and to see the new App is so cool. Can't wait for more golfers to join the awesome community and see the benefits like I have.

Lexi, UK

The best experience in digital Golf Fitness.

All of our programs are designed with sets, reps and video coaching as well as algorithm assisted program delivery.

Interactive workouts with video demonstrations, guidance and the confidence of working with the Best Workouts in Golf!

Log your progress, track with your Golf Fitness Handicap and always have an option of where to go next.

Lower your Handicap with Assessments, Benchmarks, Drills, Flexibility and so much more!

This is the place to change your game, it is time to join the Strongest Movement in Golf!


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Lifetime APP Membership

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You're now ready to join GOLFWOD, onboard with the Team and crush all of your Goals with the GOLFWOD App!

You can Onboard via email or upgrade to a video coaching call with Michael to get started! We will cover your game, training, flexibility, nutrition and more!

The process is simple:

Hit Purchase > Email the requested details > Receive Your App Membership (No Subscriptions) > Experience the Golf Fitness Lifestyle!

App memberships via onboarding will always be completed within 24 hours. This is an Onboarding purchase that includes Your App membership.

When purchasing and using this product, you are accepting the GOLFWOD terms and conditions of use. Please refer to them for details or contact us directly.


No. When you sign up for app membership you get all of our workouts, the exclusive daily programming and everything else we have to offer.

Absolutely. We have workouts from Beginners through to Performance level and always give Equipment and Movement options.

In the App, you can log your workouts, training, mobility and more to Train Like you Play. So just like with your game, if you're making progress, your Handicap goes down. Consistency, Progress and Feedback.

No, the Ebooks are available as a single purchase option but we would absolutely recommend the App now and forever!

100% Look at the best players in the world, look at the GOLFWOD community... Our workouts will help you in so many different ways on and off the course and we are here to help you on that journey.

You can take the Golf Fitness Pro Challenge to push yourself and hit those guaranteed gains or head over and grab a 7 day free trial! From there, the app will help you choose the right program or you can jump in on the daily programming at any time!