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“I started to take the fitness part of my game more seriously during quarantine so I started using golfWOD. The workouts were amazing and easy to follow. More importantly my game is now in the best state it’s ever been. My friends notice the added distance and I’m shooting lower scores consistently. It was fun to come out of quarantine and learn that I could hit a 7i 200yds!”


“Since I've started using y’alls programs I've lost about 25lbs, I'm in the best shape of my life. I've dropped from a 5 handicap to a 1 in the past five months I've been using the program.”


“It’s the strongest I’ve felt ever physically and mentally. I’ve gained muscle and lost a stone in weight after downloading and following the lockdown six-week programme. I now feel stronger for entire rounds where before I would often get tired towards the end. The app and the workouts on social media have helped me and the physical side of my game so much. Can’t wait for more to come!”

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