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The APP - 1 Year Gift Voucher

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The #1 Online Golf Fitness & Performance Platform

Buying as a gift this Christmas? Get the ultimate golf fitness platform for the whole year with our e-gift cards as an immediate download.

Grab the incredible GOLFWOD app for only $99 for a full year. saving over $140.

And with every purchase, you will receive a personalised, high quality E-Gift card perfect to create the impact you want.

We guarantee golf gains with our app as we deliver on every aspect of performance needed for the golf lover in your life. 

  • It’s time to create optimal golf and fitness performance that matches your lifestyle. The app is the perfect platform for you to take control of your progress in the gym and on the course.
  • Full access: Enjoy full access to GOLFWOD’s daily golf fitness workout programming and ever-growing library of specialist golf fitness programs.
  • GOLFWOD's exclusive community: Tap into our social feed where head coach Michael Dennington and the GOLFWOD team will share exclusive content, and students share photos, videos and opinions about golf instruction, and golf fitness. 
  • Extensive library of lessons and drills: Anytime, anywhere access to GOLFWOD’s library of fitness and golf tips, drills, workouts, nutrition and more.
  • Swing Locker: Film, save and categorize your golf swing and movement videos after filming with your smartphone and send them into GolfWOD for review.
  • Membership benefits: Giveaways, discounts and more!

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