The 6 Month Package

The 6 Month Package

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Are you ready to become the best you can be?

Because We Have The Answer.

Our 6 Month Program Delivers

6 Months of unrivalled golf fitness programming,  direct to you and periodised to the time of year and parts of the season.

Build strength earlier in the year, phase into power and speed then work specifically at peaking for the most important times of the year.

Think about it like this:


When you take on the 6 months you do 2 things:

1: Save $30 or 1 Month Free

2: Commit to the path of transformation and genuine success!

Our unique fitness programming comes from a unique knowledge of the golf swing, human movement and individual learning:

  • Years as a PGA professional and academy
  • A diverse background in functional fitness and strength & Conditioning
  • Nutritional coaching to clients all over the world
  • Working with and learning from the best in the world to give you the best platform in this space to have ever existed!

So, don’t be that same person who makes the same mistakes each year in the hope that it works this time around!

Rather, entrust our team with delivering the leading high intensity golf fitness program available.

The Next 6 Months


There will always be unlimited support from the GOLFWOD staff on all areas of performance via all channels of contact so you can always be 100% confident you're doing things just right.

We have different variations based on your needs, environment and goals!

You will receive both variations of the program upon request. The first month will be an automatic download, then when you hit the 4 week period you drop us an email and the next month will be delivered that same day!

We truly believe this is the best way to commit and change your game for good!


Do i need a gym membership?

No. There are 2 programming options to choose from: Full Gym Access, Home Gym Limited Equipment & Minimal Equipment to help you get this done wherever you're starting out.

What can i expect over the 6 months?

Gains! We will work with you on all aspects of performance to give you every tool needed to help you make the changes you desire. In the gym we will get you hitting workouts that are challenging, engaging and directly beneficial to your game as well as your health. Create a nutritional framework that fits your lifestyle, creates your desired body composition and gives you ultimate confidence in what you're diet looks like.

Will i fall behind if i miss a week?

A full week... No, just pick up where you left off to make sure you hit each phase of the program.

What do the workouts look like and how long do they take?

Throughout the 6 months we will work through different phases of development all designed to help you become the best athlete you can be no matter you're starting point. Each workout will tend to be between 60-90 minutes with options and coaching for movement patterns and how to reduce the time if needed.

What if i can't do the movements prescribed or the work load is too hard?

The GOLFWOD team is on hand at all times and coaching will be given on how to execute on the workouts. Each session can be scaled to your level fitness and increase over time meaning we all hit the same stimulus, get the same challenge but each work to our own level. And if you're not 100% on your movement quality etc just get in touch, you have full online support at all times.

Do i have to eat a certain way?

No. Although nutritional coaching isn't included in this program, we will continue to develop our content and give you as much help nutritionally as possible. And coaching is always available to maximise your progress.


Is it worth the price?

Yes. We are here to make a difference to as many people as possible and to get everything included from a world renowned source at less than $30 a month seems like a great opportunity and won't be available at this price for long. This would be a small charge for a 1 hour personal training session with a half invested instructor. We are absolutely committed to changing the state of health and fitness of and through golf! Make the commitment and we will show you exactly how good you can be.

This really is a unique platform to change your game.

Whatever your goals we will help you every step of the way.

We are excited to work with players of all levels as we truly love to see dedication and hard work pay off with incredible results.

Time to Be The Athlete.

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