Scott Stallings 30 Day Challenge

Scott Stallings 30 Day Challenge

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Scott Stallings: 30 Day Challenge

Scott is without doubt one of the fittest guys on tour today and there is only one way you get there: WORK

'Rent is Due Every Day. Pay The Man.'

Golf Fitness: Are You Ready For the Challenge?

Scott & the GOLFWOD team created this program as their own off-season program with a view to challenging what is considered golf fitness.

This is a challenge. 30 Days of tough workouts that combine strength and power with movement quality and endurance.

The perfect way for you to test yourself against the best.

You Will be Fitter, You Will be Stronger & You Will Be Faster: Guaranteed

What Can You Expect?

An immediate download straight to your Device

A Fun, Engaging Workout Program Designed & Used by The Fittest on Tour 

A Challenging Program to test you in the gym & Create A Fitness Based Lifestyle

Enjoy Training & Golf More than Ever

Unlimited Support from the Uniquely Qualified GOLFWOD Professional Team & Full Movement Library Available at Any Time via Instagram Highlights

Engage with Scott himself & others in the Golf Fitness Community to Motivate, Inspire & Push each other forwards 


Jared - USA

'I did the 30 days at the same time as Scott & Michael & loved every minute! Its tough, its a challenge but it really helped me get motivated to work harder and see the results. I'm fitter and stronger so now when i hit the course i feel so good from start to finish, its awesome.'

Blaire - USA

'This program was intense! I've tried lots of different programs and have been doing CrossFit for a while and this one really stood out. So cool to be doing the same workouts as Scott and the added rotational work really added speed and power to my game! If you're ready for a challenge, sign up.'

Jennifer - UK

'I love to see all of the GOLFWOD content via instagram and to then have everything planned out when i get to the gym is perfect. I've seen huge progress in my game hitting the ball further than ever and I for sure have more energy over the last few holes of rounds now! Pay The Man!'

What You Need

This challenge uses a large number of equipment elements and although alternatives can be given, we suggest you have a minimum of:

Barbell & Weights - KB's &/or DB's - Conditioning Options - Med Balls

A knowledge of fitness is advised although coaching is available from the GOLFWOD team and movements can be changed out for a suitable alternative with options given.

When purchasing this item you will receive an immediate download link for the program, due to the digital nature this is non-refundable.

Further to this, when purchasing you accept GOLFWOD's terms of use and accept all liability for use of this program. The GOLFWOD team are available for assistance at any time so please contact us with anything you need.