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Pre Season 21 - 8 Week Bands Only - GOLFWOD

Pre Season 21 - 8 Week Bands Only

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8 Weeks of banded and bodyweight work to change your movement patterns, build your fitness and deliver results on the course. 

Create optimal movement, get your body in incredible shape and feel better than ever starting out the new '21 season - this is next level golf fitness.

How this Program works:

The 2020 is Our Biggest Yet! And here we are working through our

unique, game changing Functional Golf Fitness Protocol..

A brand new program focusing on:

  • Bodyweight Movements to boost range of motion, movement capacity and power output.
  • Functional & Rotational Banded Protocols to fire up your whole body.
  • Unique Cardio & Conditioning Design
  • Perfect for ALL levels and Goals.

Get in the Shape You Want & Improve All Areas of Your Golf Game

Through our extensive knowledge and unique style, we build workouts

that challenge all aspects of fitness, from power & speed, to balance and

overall capacity. Not only that, the Workouts are Challenging, Engaging

& Fun.

This program is ideal for all golfers and can be done anywhere, any time

with banded and bodyweight movements combined with conditioning

options. The perfect Golf Fitness program for smashing your goals

alongside the modern day lifestyle.

What our members think:

"I downloaded it straight to my phone and it's awesome to have access to the program right there with you when you need it. The program is challenging but enjoyable and I can definitely feel a difference in my game. I can't wait for the season to start." Spencer - USA

"The 12 week program really helped me focus in the gym and i can already feel the difference. Can't wait for the season to start." Adam - Germany 

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