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Olympic Lifting eBook

Olympic Lifting eBook

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Imagine having a Coach who is a PGA Professional, S&C L4 Coach & a British Weightlifting certified Specialist... Thats what we have right here!

Olympic Lifting is an Amazing tool for dramatically increasing Golf Performance and if you're willing to learn and implement the lifts you will see GAINZ!

Specific Focus On OLY Lifting

Develop & PR Your Lifts

Can be Clean, Snatch or Both

Huge Gains in Strength, Speed & Power

Specialised Programming & Coaching

4 Week Repeatable Cycle

Baseline Testing Required

'If you want to get serious with your olympic lifting and see the incredible transfer over to your golf performance, then this is for you! We go heavy on technique, speed and load to give you a challenging but hugely rewarding program that will help you increase your lifts. It can be used for the clean or snatch and is all based on percentage work so it is unique to your level. This form of lifting can literally supercharge your performance so expect to be walking a long way down the fairway when you complete this cycle!'


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