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Nutrition Coaching

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We all know abs are made in the kitchen. So is your golf game.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health and performance. Let GOLFWOD help you find clarity in a world of nutritional choices. 

What it includes: 

  • Full assessment of your current habits and requirements
  • Coaching Video Call and weekly check ins
  • A daily plan and framework to follow
  • A better understanding your calorie input and output
  • A calculation of your perfect macros
  • Coaching and communication from our GOLFWOD team

What coach says: 

"There are no templates or off the shelf products here, this is a personalised plan just for you and your individual demands. Getting your nutrition on point is the single most important driver for better health, fitness and performance. We can create a simple-to-follow framework that boosts your energy and focus, helps you improve in the gym and ultimately lets you be your best out on the course."

What our members say:

'Nutrition has always been a challenge for me even when i have tried to put time into it. Having a framework that allows me to eat the foods that work for me but with the structure of knowing how it affects me health and performance is huge. I feel great, have got closer to my goal weight and enjoy the flexibility.' Andrew, Mas USA.

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