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30 Days of Kettlebell GOLFWOD's

30 Days of Kettlebell GOLFWOD's

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PGA Tour Validated Golf Fitness Workouts using only Kettlebells!

Enjoy Phenomenal Golf Fitness Workouts With your Favourite Piece of Equipment.

Kettlebell's are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment possible and with these workouts, you will see huge progress in:

  • Strength
  • Movement & Mobility
  • Power & Speed
  • Rotational Capacity
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Overall Fitness & Conditioning

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How it Works:

  • 30 Days of training - 3 days on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off for 5 days a week!
  • Between 30-60 Minutes per Day
  • Scalable for all Levels
  • A Challenging but Accessible Workload 
  • Guaranteed Increases in Force Creation, Speed & Distance
  • Designed with Your Golf Performance & Lifestyle as our Focus

Innovative & Challenging Workouts using Minimal Equipment

Can Be Done Anywhere

Varied Length & Stimulus with Strength, Conditioning, Rotation & More

Incredible Transfer to Performance - More Distance & Lower Scores!

Sample Workout:

3 Rounds

6 DBL KB Deadlift

3 Box Jumps (As High As Possible)

9 Vertical Med Ball Slams

5 Rounds

6 DBL KB Deadlifts

6 Split Stance Med Ball Slams (3 Each Side)

6 Kneeling Med Ball Chest to Wall Press

WOD ‘No Stalling’ - 16 Minute AMRAP

6 Single KB Clean

6 KB Front Rack Forward Lunge

6 KB Hang Snatch

6 OH Lunge

6 Thrusters (Complete full round right, then full round Left)

48 Double Unders/96 Single Skips


'30 Days of Incredible Golf Fitness focusing on all things kettlebells - it can absolutely change your game. The versatility of the kettlebell means we can mix upper and lower body days, conditioning, strength speed and rotation! You will love the variety of these workouts and the way they are crafted. These are also ideal workouts to do at home or when travelling, with some being super simple yet extremely effective! Let's Go.'

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