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Golf Fitness Hybrid Strength, Power & Mobility Bundle

Golf Fitness Hybrid Strength, Power & Mobility Bundle

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For the golfer looking to lift heavy, look good and play strong. 

Golfers Everywhere are using our Golf Fitness Hybrid Strength, Power & Mobility Bundle to unlock Huge Power off the tee and incredible results in the gym. Follow these programs and you will see those results too. Not only that, but for a short time, we're throwing in Both Functional Mobility Programs to help with your Strength & Golf Gains. 

All you need to do: 

  1. Complete four workouts a week
  2. Get ready for the course with the prep and conditioning workout
  3. Hit the gym in your own time
  4. Work on your game
  5. See incredible results
What's included in your Bundle:
  • Hybrid Strength 8 Week Cycle - $49 Value
  • 12 Week Power Program Phasing you into the New Season - $59 Value 
  • Functional Mobility Volumes 1 & 2 - $20 Value
  • Coaching & Support from the GOLFWOD Professionals Team via the GOLFWOD App - Priceless

Movements Include

  • Compound Lifts: squats, deadlifts, presses and Core
  • Functional Bodybuilding: banded, asymmetrical and full range of movement
  • Explosive Movements: olympic lifts, box jumps and medicine balls
  • Rotational Capacity: even more medicine balls, bands and swings
  • Conditioning: bike, ski, row and run

What you'll need:

Minimum: Dumbbells and exercise bands (modifications needed)

Suggested: gym access with free weights, a barbell, cardio options and medicine balls to maximise your Golf Fitness Hybrid Strength, Power & Mobility Bundle Results.

What our members think:

"The workouts are great. I’ve had to buy all new pants because I put on more muscle than anticipated and I can’t keep my wife off me... so much for the pants! Overall GOLFWOD provides an excellent balance of strength and conditioning programming to suit any fitness or aesthetic desire." Eric, USA

"I saw noticeable improvement to all areas of my game, in particular my distance game! This has really helped me put to use the new clubs (Rogues) I bought last summer - now hitting my 5 iron around 215yds on average!" Steven, UK

This program is included in the WOD section of the GOLFWOD APP. 

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