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GOLFWOD Total Performance On-Boarding

GOLFWOD Total Performance On-Boarding

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Are You Looking for Optimal Golf Performance & the best Functional Golf Fitness Workouts around?

The its time to get Onboard with GOLFWOD - Your First 12 Weeks are Right Here!

Work with our Head of Performance Michael to guarantee you start in the right place and set yourself up for Unlimited Progress for Your Swing, Your Fitness & Your Health.

More Distance! Lower Scores! Improved Health & Fitness!

The Onboarding process is simple:

  1. Automatic Download of Individual Requirements Unique to You
  2. Submission of all details to the GOLFWOD Team
  3. Specific assessment of all areas of performance & unique trait analysis
  4. Delivery of your GOLFWOD Performance Plan

What the Performance Plan Includes:

Full Swing Video Assessment with Unique Physical Trait Analysis

Specific Performance Aims and Goals

Physical Assessment & Link to Swing Mechanics

The GOLFWOD Fitness Program that best fits Your Needs.

Fitness & Performance Aims & Goals

The Functional Mobility Program

GOLFWOD APP Unlimited Access After initial program (Soon to be released)

12 Total Weeks of GOLFWOD Fitness Programming

This is for ALL Golfers!

Whatever your level of performance, fitness or even your goals, we have programs and coaching that can and will help every golfer to go to the next level.

By Purchasing this product you accept all of GOLFWOD's terms and conditions of use. please contact the GOLFWOD team if you require any further details.