The Ultimate 28 Day At Home Fitness Challenge

GOLFWOD Personalised Programming - fitness only

GOLFWOD Personalised Programming - fitness only

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The Ultimate in Online Golf Fitness Coaching - your program, written by your team.

Get your hands on a personalised fitness program tailored to your exact needs and equipment. 

Choose from:

1. Purchase the first month directly through our website, download the requirements and email us your details.


2. Click here to go to our online platform via Fitr and sign up to get 15% off a monthly subscription.


What coach says:

"Having the personal touch with your fitness programming and a program designed specifically to your daily, weekly and long terms needs can make all the difference. Dial in performance to peak at the right times, work consistent strength patterns and improve speed, power and overall output. This is the tour level approach to becoming the best golf athlete you possibly can be."


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