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GOLFWOD Monthly Programming

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Online Golf Fitness Coaching 

Monthly Programming - Full month of Golf Strength & Fitness Programming 

September is focused on power transitioning into speed for extra output on the course and a reduced load in the gym.

Full Access to All Details of Our Unique Golf Performance Training Program

All Workouts will Include Strength, Speed, Power, Rotation, 

Movement Quality & Endurance

Nutritional Basics to Enhance Your Progress

Full access to the GOLFWOD Professionals and their unique Coaching Knowledge

Movement & Workout breakdowns with Coaches Points & Guidance

Facebook Group Access & become a part of a Global Community

'This is the original, day-to-day programming that defines everything that GOLFWOD is. Varied yet structured, work through different periods of training throughout the golfing year and see the performance improvements you deserve with hard work. This program is designed to last a life time with every month bringing your fresh workouts all of which are designed to increase your golf performance as well as fir into your lifestyle. They're also crazy fun too!'

This is a subscription billed every month, cancel anytime.