The Ultimate 28 Day At Home Fitness Challenge


GOLFWOD FREE15 7 Day Program

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No time to get to the gym? No equipment? No Problem!

Our FREE15 workout plan is a 7 day cycle that will take you 15 minutes a day, require no equipment, but get you moving and feeling the way you want to on and off the course.

Basic movement patterns developed alongside activation and power inducing band work.

Swing more freely, create more speed and reduce the risk of injury in just 15 minutes a day!

All movements available in our IG Highlights.

Perfect for Anyone - Experienced or Just Starting with 'Fitness'

Increased Performance Over 18 Holes

Greater Ability To Move & Create Speed

Learn Movements that Last a Lifetime

Designed to Fit the Modern Lifestyle

Download our Free at Home Assessment before You Start to Gain Objective Data that You can Compare Against

'If you struggle to make time to get any real fitness in during the course of a week, this is perfect for you! 15 minutes, only a mobility band needed and you can literally change your health in no time! Commit to these workouts on the daily, repeat week on week and use this as a stepping stone to a happier, healthier and faster you.'


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