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GOLFWOD APP - 1 Year Golf Fitness Package - GOLFWOD

GOLFWOD APP - 1 Year Golf Fitness Package

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Year-round training and support with the GOLFWOD APP - 1 year golf fitness package

Build an incredible performance pathway for serious golf gains!

Receive your app login and get immediate access to everything it has to offer.

Whats included:

  • Golf swing analysis and coaching
  • Nutritional coaching
  • The ultimate golf fitness platform for the whole year

It's amazing what you can achieve in a year. GOLFWOD APP - 1 Year Golf Fitness Package delivers results on an entirely new level for golfers around the world.

Our personalised programs are limited to a small number of GOLFWOD Athletes so we can offer an unrivalled personal experience designed to have the ultimate success, accountability and support they need. This is the PGA Tour level approach to help them become the best golfer and athlete they can be. If you would like to get on the waiting list please contact the team here:

Starting your journey is as easy as:

  1. Download and submit your details to the GOLFWOD team
  2. We'll assess of all areas of your current performance and unique traits
  3. Your personalised GOLFWOD pathway and app access is ready to go.

What's included:

  • One year access to our app and all programs
  • 1 month nutritional assessment framework creation 
  • 1 month full swing coaching
  • Specific program and mobility assignment
  • Immediate access on any device
  • Ongoing support from GOLFWOD coaches.  

​GOLFWOD APP - 1 Year Golf Fitness Package - When purchasing and using this product, you are accepting the GOLFWOD terms and conditions of use. Please refer to them for details or contact us directly.