GOLFWOD At Home 20 Yard Challenge

GOLFWOD At Home 20 Yard Challenge

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4 Weeks to Add 20 Yards to Your Game... At Home!

Fundamental Movements needing only 1 of the Following:

Medicine Ball - Dumbbells - Exercise Band

Options & Variations Given Throughout

Perfect for Anyone - Experienced or Just Starting with 'Fitness'

Increased Performance Over 18 Holes

Greater Ability To Move & Create Speed

Learn Movements that Last a Lifetime

Designed to Fit the Modern Lifestyle

Download our Free at Home Assessment before You Start to Gain Objective Data that You can Compare Against

'A Great Place to Start for any Golfer, this 4 week challenge will help you get fitness established into your routine and you will see the results on the course! All of the workouts are designed to be 20 minutes or less with 4 days week 1, 5 days weeks 2 & 3 and back to 4 workouts in the final week. You will learn valuable movements patterns, mobility and force creation and we aim for you, relative to your current ability, to Add 20 Yards to Your Drives over the Month. Objective testing of your shot data and current fitness level is ideal.'


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