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Welcome to the GOLFWOD FAST 20 - Delivering 2 Things ALL Golfers Want:

More Distance & Better Health!

Build Speed & Fitness in Just 20 Minutes a Day with our NEW Minimal Equipment, Lifestyle Based Golf Fitness Program

Minimal Equipment = A Kettlebell or Pair of Dumbbells & a Med Ball!

Simplicity + Consistency = Results

How this program works: 

We all want to be Faster on the Course. What about being Faster in and out of the Gym too? Welcome to The FAST 20!

Here we have a 6 Week Program designed to dramatically improve your Game, Increase Your Swing Speed and get you in Great Shape. In just 20 Minutes a day, 5 Days a Week? 100%

Through our extensive knowledge and unique style, we build workouts that challenge all aspects of fitness, from power & speed, to balance and overall capacity. Not only that, the Workouts are Challenging, Engaging & Fun.

Workouts can’t be a chore or they won’t last and that isn’t good enough. This is the Follow on Program from our Super Popular Home25 program and its Main Aim is Ease of Use & Accessibility!

Sample Workout:

Every 2 Minutes for 10 minutes:

6 DBL KB/DB Deadlifts

6 DBL KB/DB Push Press

6 DBL KB/DB Front Squats

WOD - 3 Rounds

50 DU/100 SU or 20 Cals

25 Air Squats

15 Sit-Ups

5 DBL DB Devils Press or 5 Burpees & 10 American KB Swings

We aim to give you the best workouts possible that not only boost your performance, but also fit seamlessly into your day!

Time to Take Control of Your Performance & Level Up Your Game!

You have no reason not to do this program! It is for all golfers, You Will Increase Speed & Distance, You Will Improve Health & Fitness Metrics and You Will Enjoy The Challenging, Engaging Workout Design That Fits Into Your Day!

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