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At Home Golf Fitness Bundle

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2020 is the year for training at home. This is the ultimate At Home Golf Fitness Bundle for Your Health, Fitness & Golf Game. 

What's included:

  • Fun and challenging workouts to be completed at home or outdoors
  • A 28 Day Fitness & Mobility Program with an additional Testing Phase Upon Completion
  • Dynamic, Golf Specific Movements combined with Unique Program Design & Conditioning
  • Our functionality mobility programs Volume 1 & 2 - To Improve Your Flexibility, Movement & Longevity
  • At Home Golf Fitness Bundle Full movement Library Here

What you'll need:

  • All workouts require Exercise Bands and Nothing Else!
  • A Cardio machine is advised, if not Running, Burpees and Jump Rope will be Fine

What our members think:

"The banded movements are incredible, i can really feel how my core is working and how it is transferring over to my swing. The cardio is challenging, but i can always work to my level and never get bored so i'm doing more work than ever and feel great." Matt - USA

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