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Assessments - 1 Year - GOLFWOD

Assessments - 1 Year

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The new GOLFWOD 5 x 5 Assessment gives you the tools to deliver a unique, game changing assessment to all of your students.

By combining 5 markers of human movement and 5 markers of golf swing efficiency, we can create a physical profile for any individual that allows for incredible progress on all levels.

The GOLFWOD Assessment Affiliation is an Annual fee of $99 and this is a constantly developing coaching platform with increasing Content, Video Coaching and Overall Reach.

Not only this, you will then be able to earn $20 for every student that goes through your Assessment and then signs up to the GOLFWOD App.

And do you want to increase your social reach and have golfers everywhere see your skill set? Then we want to help. Deliver your video and image content to us and you will be featured on our social channels, website and more. The opportunity to create made for content is always something we are exploring and as such, the possibilities are endless.

Our video coaching on how to deliver the assessments, what to look for and how to link the body to the swing gives you the foundation to deliver extended knowledge to players of all levels, inspire confidence and most of all create real, long term change.

You’re not only investing in someones golf game, but also their lifestyle and longevity for all things movement.

The assessment can be completed as part of a golf lesson or as an individual session with the movement analysis comprising only 5 movements with a simple grading system.

What to do with the results?

1: Apply what you have learned to your students coaching pathway and deliver specific coaching based on their results.
2: Recommend the GOLFWOD App and earn $20 per sign up. With our grading system, you will also be able to highlight and recommend specific programs and protocols for your Player whilst they are still a part of your coaching setup.

Meaning increased revenue, more coaching for you and more progress for your player!

3: Upgrade to the Coaching Affiliate platform and deliver our Golf Specific workout and mobility programs within your facility.

You will always have the support of the GOLFWOD Team as we aim to grow together and deliver the best Golf Fitness and Performance Platform in the Game.

When you hit purchase, you will receive further details of the Assessment as well as the user agreement and delivery guidelines.

Coming Soon - If you click purchase you will be added to our contact list.

This, like all GOLFWOD programs will be in line with our Terms and Conditions that you can view here. Due to the nature of this agreement, GOLFWOD will not be liable for the delivery of this content and the coach will be required to be have the necessary insurances etc in place before commencing the GOLFWOD Assessment.