6 Week Pre Season Program - KB & DB Only

6 Week Pre Season Program - KB & DB Only

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Why Choose this pre-Season program?

Because in 6 Weeks we will Improve Your Health, Your Fitness and Your Game

Our Challenging, Performance Boosting Pre Season Training Program for the 2020 Season gives you all of the tools needed to change your body and help you create your dream swing!

What is it?

A 6 Week program with a manageable Strength focus that blends into Power & Speed taking you right up the start of the season and creating new levels of Speed, Power and Efficiency.

Whats Included?

Immediate download straight to your device.

Kettlebell and Dumbbell version ideal for minimal equipment, travel or specific needs

PGA Tour Validated & Globally Popular  

Tour Level Performance

Advanced Programming & workout structure

Unique Training Methods Created by PGA Professionals, Strength & Conditioning Specialists with PGA Tour Input 

Optimal Performance for Golfers who are ready to put in the work 

Phenomenal Speed & Power

Create A Competitive Edge

Full Commitment to be the Best

'Be The Athlete. With our 6 Week Pre-Season Program you will have your body and your game fully firing when you get into the competitive 2020 season! As always we carefully structure Strength, Speed and Conditioning work with a unique balance of unilateral movements, rotation, Speed, Power and conditioning.'

What do you need?

Either kettlebells or Dumbbells, ideally both - Conditioning Options - Med Ball Suggested

This is a great option if you have previously done the Scott Stallings Challenge or the 12 Week Off-Season Program - It's also a great option for someone new to our programming to get you in the best shape possible at the start of 2020. So its time to choose performance! Sign up, do the work and see the results on the course!'

 Adam - Australia

'I'm 3 weeks in and feeling great! The workouts are challenging but i choose the weights meaning i'm always in control. I'm doing the program whilst playing a lot and I can definitely see a crossover into my game, I feel faster and definitely have more energy all the way through the round.'

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