12 Week Off Season Program - Athlete

12 Week Off Season Program - Athlete

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The Ultimate Off Season Training Program for the Golfer looking to train for performance

12 Week program with Strength focus that blends into Power & Speed through tracked periodisation and planning

The GOLFWOD team is on hand to help golfers of any level make the most of this program with variations, alternatives and scaling options as well as online coaching

PGA Tour Validated & Globally Popular  

Tour Level Performance

Advanced Programming & workout structure

Unique Training Methods

Optimal Performance at the highest level 

Phenomenal Speed & Power

Create A Competitive Edge

Full Commitment to be the Best

'For the Athlete who is absolutely ready to commit to all aspects of performance and see the rewards of doing so. Take care of your entire off season right here and be ready for the 2020 season with a new level of performance. This program will be challenging and a good knowledge of movements in the gym would be advised. The structure and frequency will see you gain fitness, strength, speed and power that transfers over to your game in a way that is clear to see and feels phenomenal. Go all in, Be The Athlete.'


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