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With our new pathways creating the ideal starting place for ALL players and a clear progression to the next level, there has never been a better time to join the Strongest Movement in Golf.

Add that to an incredible global community, growing media library, stacks of workouts with incredible quality coaching and demo videos and you have yourself the very best place to change your game!

We believe in what we are doing and are super passionate in achieving our goal that we set on day 1:

Create the #1 Golf Fitness Platform in the Game!

With our free download, you get access to:

  • A number of Free Trials for all types of incredible golf fitness workouts
  • An incredible golfing community
  • Access to our full media library, including our movement demos, coaching tips and videos from the Tour
  • Access to our partners, including FourFiveCBD, Therabody and Whoop.


Upgrade to a full membership for as little as $8.25 a month, and you also get:

  • Daily GOLFWOD workouts with 3 Levels!
  • Lifetime access to a huge and growing number of incredible golf fitness workout programs including Strength, Bodyweight, Zero Equipment, Speed and more
  • Be part of the Strongest Movement in Golf and engage with a worldwide community of like-minded golfers
  • Additional workout coaching videos
  • Support and coaching from the GOLFWOD coaching team
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Whether you're just getting started on your fitness journey or you're ready to level up your swing, our app delivers the most effective range of workouts in golf, designed and approved by PGA Tour Pros.


No more guesswork, just choose your program, use our in app coaching and get ready to change your game.

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Golf Fitness Programs in the App:



  • Zero equipment workouts for Levels 1 and 2 focused on mobility, flexibility and movement capacity with a healthy dose of rotation, speed and general fitness.
  • Level 1 is our entry level program suitable for absolutely anyone to get their body moving, improve their health, fitness and their golf!
  • Level 2 builds on Level 1 with increased overall volume and the addition of ballistic exercises - jumps - to increase your power and speed output without any equipment at all!
  • Level 3 is our banded protocol building L1 and L2 with some amazing challenges and rotational capacity work using the band for incredible adaptations to your movement patterns and abilities.
  • All of these programs are designed to be done anywhere, any time with low impact but high levels of progress across the board!

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  • Got that equipment ready? Here we go loaded and again use the Levels to give you a great place to start!
  • Level 1 is our entry level loaded program with low volume and low equipment needs meaning if you’re ready to hit the gym or picked up a couple things at home, this is a great place to start and build your foundations. Mobility is included and you will focus on base level strength, stability and increasing your general fitness ready for the course and every day life.
  • Level 2 again builds on the volume to increase the challenge and includes the ballistic movements and more - get that med ball ready! This is still a 3 days a week program and requires minimal equipment so could just be the ideal place to start after a long lay off…
  • Level 3 is a full on challenge designed for the player looking to increase power, speed and fitness! This was previously our Power DRVN program and it follows on incredibly well from L1 and L2 to deliver an incredible challenge for all levels!

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  • Where it all started and where we are all aiming to get to - Your Golf Workout of the Day.
  • We now have 3 levels also for our daily workouts to give you a unique, game changing workout at all times via the App only!
  • Athlete is our top level programming, delivering all the workouts you need throughout the week, tailored to the time of year, to own your performance and create the optimal golf and fitness level for you! The workouts are always scalable and give equipment options so you really can become the Athlete.
  • Lifestyle follows the same periodisation as Athlete but lowers overall volume and complexity so that it does exactly what we set out to do: fit incredible workouts with huge gains into your busy daily lifestyle! Equipment options are given throughout and remember coaching and more is always available in the app.
  • SCRATCH - yeah we have now added the SCRATCH protocol to the app so every week you will have a fresh set of bodyweight and banded workouts for you and your game! They go hand in hand with the other two workouts but are an obvious place to go if you’re not hitting the weights right now or you don’t have access to equipment went travelling etc.

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  • Our new supplementary programming to give you more options and more control of your progress, recovery and more.
  • Mobility and Warm Ups perfect for before your round or headed to the gym but also part of your everyday.
  • Specific lifting and fitness programs designed to bolt on to your current program if you want the additional work!
  • Boost your rotational patterns and take your fitness directly into your game!


The GOLFWOD app is golf fitness: delivered

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