The Ultimate 28 Day At Home Fitness Challenge


Learn about GOLFWOD and meet the team

The most complete, challenging and unique golf fitness platform in the game.
GOLFWOD is here to deliver new levels of strength, fitness and performance to your game, your way. 
Our challenging and unique golf fitness programs are designed to create phenomenal on course performance and a positive, healthy lifestyle. 
With PGA professional and strength and conditioning expertise, functional fitness methodologies and the world-leading Titleist performance institute framework, each program delivers functional fitness, power and rotational training, movement quality and increased capacity to improve any player's performance.

 So why should you start GOLFWOD?

Increased on course performance 
Hit longer drives and improve your golf swing 
Reduce fatigue and its negative affects on your scores
Reduce aches and pains
Create a phenomenal mindset in the gym and on the course
Enjoy the game more and discover a new level of optimal golf performance
Work with uniquely qualified professionals within our worldwide community

Match your body to a new athletic and efficient swing 

Meet Michael Dennington - GOLFWOD Head of Performance

I'm passionate about helping as many people as possible to be healthier, fitter and stronger on the golf course. With my experience as a professional golfer and CrossFit athlete, I've created a program that harnesses functional fitness in a way that benefits golfers of all levels, on and off the course.

I really believe good nutrition, fitness and movement quality can lead to a better quality of life, and ultimately, improve your golf performance.

Let's change the game, hit the ball further and feel great doing it!
PGA Professional & Owner at The York Golf Academy
Head Coach & Owner CrossFit YO4
Crossfit L1 Coach, L3 Personal Trainer & L4 Strength & Conditioning Coach
​Precision Nutrition L1 Certified
Titleist Performance Institute Certified
British Weightlifting L1 Coach
UK Sport L2 Coach