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Swing Builder - Activate the Glutes - GOLFWOD

Swing Builder - Activate the Glutes

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Golfers... This is HUGE for your Swing and Distance NOW but also your long term golfing health!

Now You can change your body to change your swing and create effortless power and consistent ball striking.

With Activate the Glutes we focus on 3 key areas:

1: Activation of the Posterior Chain - Getting the big muscles working as they should.

2: Powerful Hip Hinge - A key element in athletic performance and the overall capacity of your body.

3: Ground Reaction Forces - Creating better balance and movement patterns to use the ground and increase your power output.

Golf. Fitness. Awesome GOLFWOD programming! 1 month of unique, golf focused workouts that will help you create the golf swing you want.

This workout program also has all movement images within the Ebook download!

       What you need:

      • Minimum Equipment = 1 Band, 1 Med Ball & either a Dumbbell or Kettlebell (The more equipment the better!)
      • The desire to create a powerful golf swing based on human movement patterns, long term performance and effortless power combined with immense consistency.

      Through our extensive knowledge and unique style, we build workouts that challenge all aspects of fitness, from power & speed, to balance and overall capacity. Not only that, the Workouts are Challenging, Engaging & Fun.

      An incredible Golf Fitness program for smashing your goals as well as your drives - you will be amazed by your progress and performance.

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