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DRVN 1-ON-1 October Coaching - GOLFWOD

DRVN 1-ON-1 October Coaching

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Your Best Golf? You have to be DRVN!

For the first time ever, we are offering 1-ON-1 Coaching on a monthly basis with only 5 Places available! We want to prove just what is possible and help you become your best in the process!!

What is included?

- Initial Assessment of Swing, Fitness and Nutrition with Kick Off Coaching Call!

- Lifetime GOLFWOD App Membership!

- PGA Professional Video Swing Coaching.

- 4 Weekly Coaching Calls throughout October.

- Performance Tracking via your Golf Fitness Handicap

- Nutritional Plan with Macros, Timings and Food Group Suggestions

- Direct Coach access to guide training, practice and more!

- Access to all GOLFWOD Resources now and throughout 2022.

You will be working with Head of Performance and Founder, Michael, and we will cover all elements of performance:

- Video Swing Coaching to optimise your movement for more speed, distance and consistency but also align to your training for longevity and injury prevention. PGA Professional coaching with the proven GOLFWOD Methodology.

- Fitness Program selection, goal setting and specifics for you to get the most out of every workout including weights used, warm ups, intensity level and equipment options. All workouts will be via the GOLFWOD App and tracked with your Golf Fitness Handicap.

- Additional mobility and flexibility work alongside golf specific rotational patterns to enhance your body and swing.

- Nutritional planning to include Macros, timings and food group suggestions as well as on course hydration and fuelling performance.

The process is simple:

Hit Purchase > Email the requested details > Receive Your Setup details including App Membership (No Subscriptions) Swing Coaching Videos and Nutritional Plan > Book in your first Coaching Call & Experience the Golf Fitness Lifestyle!

App memberships via onboarding will always be completed within 24 hours. This is an Onboarding purchase that includes Your App membership.

No Free Trial is included, please head to the app stores if this is what you are looking for.



When purchasing and using this product, you are accepting the GOLFWOD terms and conditions of use. Please refer to them for details or contact us directly.

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Your progress with golfwod:

More Speed & Longer Drives!

Improved Consistency & Lower Scores!

Less Injures, More Energy & Endurance!

Incredible Fitness Levels focused on the game you love!

A lifestyle balance you've always wanted tacked with your Golf Fitness Handicap!

If you don't sign up:

Inconsistent Golf Persists!

Aches, Pains & Injuries!

Low Energy & Poor Endurance!

Never playing the complete 18 well!

Lack of focus & motivation in your workouts!

No Support and Fading Goals!


I did the Swing Builder Get Fast program and saw a difference almost immediately. My movement was so much better everything got easier!

Chris, USA

I've enjoyed the workouts since day 1. I like the daily workouts and can easily switch to the low equipment option if needed. it works!

Anna, Sweden

I did the Golf Fitness Pro Challenge and i'm never going back. I gained 28 yards in 6 weeks of training and loved the process. Now I can't wait to keep getting better!

Glenn, UK

Terms & Conditions

The Golf Fitness Pro Challenge is bound to all of GOLFWOD's Terms of use and the following additional terms and conditions:

Clear data must be presented at the start of the challenge to show current driver distance in a standardised setting. Re-testing must occur in the same standardised setting both of which must show time stamps and dates for accuracy.

The challenge cannot be completed in under 30 days due to the nature of our workouts, the App and the Golf Fitness Handicap. Any period of time less than this will be classed as misuse of the product and invalidate your challenge entry.

A refund will only issued if the above terms are met, the account holders handicap is 'PRO' and the standardised testing is deemed acceptable by the GOLFWOD Team with in the timeframe stated.

We truly believe that you can not only gain 20 yards, but significantly surpass that target as well as improving your health, fitness and more along the way. The challenge rules must be stated clearly and are as such very clear. But please be aware the GOLFWOD Team is here to help every step of the way and our ultimate goal is to help you make the kind of progress you have always wanted! So yeah, it is time to take the Golf Fitness Pro Challenge!