The 30

The 30

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30 All Time Golf Fitness Workouts

New Workouts, New Challenges, New Level.

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How this program works:

The 30 is exactly as it sounds... 30 Functional Golf Fitness Workouts designed to help you crush it in the gym so you can own it on the course!

The 30 is not designed to be followed day to day, rather we have 30 individual workouts that give you the best options possible for whatever YOU need when you hit the gym any given day. 

Through our extensive knowledge and unique style, we give you 30 individual workouts that all compliment each other: 

10 Strength Focus Workouts Days to Build the Strongest Body Possible.

10 Power, Speed & Explosive Workouts for Unbelievable Power & Distance Gains

10 Conditioning & Endurance Focus to Develop Amazing Energy & Endurance Levels so you Can Always Play Your Best

Each WOD is designed to be a full session and will include all elements of fitness  generally lasting be between 45 - 90 Minutes. 

Time to Take Control of Your Performance & Level Up Your Game!

Example Workout - Power:

5 Rounds

12 Reverse Barbell Lunges - Barbell @70% or DBL KB/DB Front Rack (6 EL)

8 Split Stance Med Ball Slam (4 EL)

12 Kneeling Chest to Wall Med Ball Press

‘Love us some power - Lunges are HUGE for lower body function and matched with explosive med ball work you’re winning.’ 

3 Rounds

20 Bulgarian Split Squats - Single KB/DB Cross Body Front Rack (10 EL)

20 Single KB/DB Front Rack Cross Body Step Ups

20 DB/Med Ball Russian Twists

20 KB Swings

'Part 2 we go high rep so we want explosive movements, the cross body refers to having the weight on one side of your body, whilst the other side does the work - next level right here.'

WOD - The Chief - 5 Round AMRAP:

In a 3 Minute Window:

3 Power Cleans - Barbell @ 135 or Heavy DBL DB

6 Push Ups & 9 Air Squats

1 Minute Rest

'How ‘bout a Hero WOD?! Within the 3 minutes hit as many rounds as you can, rest 1 minute & then restart where you left off after  a brief 1 minutes rest!’

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