12 Week Power Program

12 Week Power Program

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Do You Want to Hit It LONGER than Ever Before?

12 Weeks To Build Huge Strength & Power for Your Game...

We Know how Performance Works & We Want to Prove it to you Because we know whats on the other side of commitment & hard work - Progress.

Build Strength, Turn it into Power & Speed and Become Fitter than Ever so When You Hit the Course the Results Are Undeniable.

What Can You Expect?

An immediate download straight to your Device - Open in iBooks and then Copy to iBooks

Created by Golf & Fitness Professionals with over 10 years experience

A PGA Tour Validated & Globally Popular Workout Program 

All elements of fitness improved with barbell work, free weights, core and rotational focuses with a consistent basis of conditioning and intensity

The Confidence of Knowing Your Training is Planned to Precision 

A re-designed version of our off-season program designed specifically for the times we now face

Sample Workouts

Guaranteed Increases in Club Head Speed, Distance & Endurance on the Course

Move towards a Genuine Enjoyment in Your Training, with Engaging & Fun Workouts that You Know Are Helping Your Game

Unlimited Support from the Uniquely Qualified GOLFWOD Professional Team


Spencer - USA

'I downloaded straight to my phone and its awesome to have access to the program right there with you when you need it. The program is challenging but enjoyable and i can definitely feel a difference in my game. I can't wait for the season to start.'

Adam - Germany

'Really helped me focus in the gym and i can already feel the difference. Can't wait for the season to start.'

What You Need

This is a full equipment program so access to free weights, medicine balls and cardio equipment is suggested. Alternatives are given for specific movements, contact the team for any additional needs

'For the Athlete who is absolutely ready to commit to all aspects of performance and see the rewards of doing so. Take care of your entire strength work right here and be ready for the 2020 season with a new level of performance. This program will be challenging and a good knowledge of movements in the gym would be advised. The structure and frequency will see you gain fitness, strength, speed and power that transfers over to your game in a way that is clear to see and feels phenomenal. Go all in, Be The Athlete.'


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