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The home of Golf Fitness!

Your golf workout of the day runs all year long, with new workouts every week to focus in on the performance aspects that matter most for ALL golfers all the way through the season.

Through our unique workout design and in depth golf knowledge, we create periodised and specific workouts for the time of the golfing year maximising your performance, and your fitness, all year long!

Now with 3 levels so you will always have an incredible golf fitness workout no matter where you are, the equipment you have and the goals you set.

SCRATCH - Bodyweight and banded only workouts focused on mobility, movement capacity, speed and rotation.

LIFESTYLE - A combination of SCRATCH and loaded workouts with less complexity and less volume to get you in and out of the gym and on with your busy lifestyle with gains in hand!

ATHLETE - Our all in program for golfers who love to train and max out performance. This is what we believe in and we all know hard work pays off, so this is the place to be for anyone looking to play seriously good golf and train like a champ.

The daily GOLFWOD is only available in the GOLFWOD App and we have limited availability for our unique on-boarding process:

Work directly with the Team to dial in:

Your Perfect Program

Golf Swing and how to link your fitness and mobility gains to your technique.

Nutritional framework creation.

We are incredibly passionate about golfers all around the world putting in that work and seeing phenomenal results... We look forward to working with you.