PGA Online Swing Coaching

PGA Online Swing Coaching

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PGA Online Coaching Bringing you the best in Body Lead Power Golf Performance

Simple, Effective Coaching allowing you to Optimise Performance

Why Choose Us to Help You With Your Swing?

Because we understand human movement AND the golf swing, meaning that the changes we suggest will give you full control of how to implement new movements in less time!

Its time to Match Your Swing to your Body

We are all different physically. Understanding this and why it then effects your swing will ultimately decide how quickly you progress and how consistent you can be with your game.

Who is your coach?

Michael is not only our Head of Performance and Program Design, he is also a Class A Qualified PGA Professional owning and running his own teaching academy in England. Through years of learning through the most sought after accreditation in the world and matching it to the huge amount of physical knowledge gained in that time, Michael is one of the most exciting and unique coaches around.

What do You Get?

A better golf game, right now! Each lesson will include:

A full video response.

Why you swing the way you do.

How to match your body to your swing for an efficient, effortless & powerful swing.

Tips, drills and focus points for you to play better right now.

Your Best Route to Continue Success

1 Week of follow ups which can include videos, feedback etc.

Our swing analysis comes with a free download (similar to our assessment) as well as more information about your coach and everything we do.

With so many coaches out there its time to try something a little different to get your game to the kind of level you have only dreamed about!

More Power, Less Thought - A Better Golf Swing!

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