CBD - The Lowdown for Golf, Fitness & Health!

CBD - The Lowdown for Golf, Fitness & Health!

Golf can be full of highs and lows, but with CBD that might be about to change. CBD is the new ‘supplement’ on the block and tour players are already all over it.


Reduce stress? Improve sleep? Enhanced Cognition? Less aches and pains? Sounds like everything a golfer could want and the rumour is still out that the gum Tiger was chewing at the Masters was in fact CBD Gum… (Phil too)


CBD is extracted from the Cannabis plant and contains Cannabidiol as well as other highly beneficial plant extracts when full spectrum. There is no high however, as there is no THC (psychoactive compound) and this has allowed the use of CBD as a health product to surge.


CBD is not a banned substance and as such athletes around the world are taking advantage. There are no misdemeanours here. This is purely a plant extract that interacts with your own Endocannabinoid system with a long list of health benefits.


As the field continues to develop, new CBD oils are produced and I personally use FOURFIVE CBD out of the UK. It is designed and used by elite level, international athletes and contains zero THC, not even trace elements that can pose a slight problem for professional athletes. Best taste yet too, orange!


So there is no high, but there can be a profound affect on the lows. CBD has many benefits, but in terms of your golf performance, the most beneficial are likely to be as follows:


Reduced Stress and Anxiety – due to the properties of CBD, one of the main benefits is a to make you feel more at ease, more relaxed and less stressed. Win. Everyone needs that on the course at some point and the thought of standing on the 1st tee or 18th green with a few less jitters is something every golfer would benefit from.


Improved Cognitive Performance – through the reduction of stress and inflammation, improved blood flow and other processes your mental performance can take a huge boost! Your focus, neuromuscular connection and mood will all be on point and so too your game!


Reduced Inflammation – the anti-inflammatory compounds are so powerful in CBD that your aches, pains and even arthritis can be reduced to leave you feeling free and easy with your movement. Golf puts a lot of stress on the body, so having greater fluidity, great range at the joints and overall better movement quality and feel will be a revolution.


Great Quality Sleep – for a tour player sleeping on the lead, to a weekend warrior who has a hectic lifestyle and just needs some rest, sleep is vital. The importance of sleep cannot be overstated and CBD again has your back. The improvement of sleep quality becomes clear and this is something that is almost universal. If you feel rested and recovered you’re going to play better.


Gut Health – this may not appear to be the most relevant to golf performance, but the upside is huge. There is increasing evidence of how impactful your gut health and processes are to your mood, energy levels and basically how you feel. What you consume before and during a round will also affect this and the impact of CBD should not be underestimated.


The list goes on and I encourage you to research further on the potentially life changing effects of CBD.


The number of tour pros to come out and talk about the use of CBD is growing and having discussed this with a number of tour pros (including PGA Tour) it is clear that CBD is already a huge part of golf performance at the highest level.


There will be those who remain sceptical and good quality CBD can be expensive, but I have personally seen a clear improvement (specifically sleep & digestion) through my own use and its efficacy on the course is improving all the time.


So you won’t get High, but you may well see greatly improved performance on the course and for your health. For that reason, I think its time to start packing your CBD for the first tee


Go for Full Spectrum CBD oil and check out FOURFIVE CBD. Designed by athletes for athletes and made with MCT oil – all the performance right here!


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